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Recent Projects

Designing and Evaluating PocketBot for Long-Distance Relationships (LDRs)

This case study presents a two-phase research project focused on designing and evaluating PocketBot, a chatbot designed to provide effective interventions for couples in long-distance relationships.

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Empowering Puerto Rican Communities through Transdisciplinary Collaboration for Resilience

This case study presents an empirical examination of an online collaboration between a group of academics and a Puerto Rican non-governmental organization, Caras con Causa.

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Understanding Climate Change Discourse on Social Media Among Teens

This research project delves into the online engagement of teenagers with climate change content on various social media platforms.

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Understanding Public Perceptions of AI Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This study aims to bridge the gap in understanding how individuals perceive the role of AI in the context of a pandemic, providing crucial insights for future research and development.

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